Sustainable Journey

traceability roadmap

Where do we come from? 
Where did we go?
What path did we take?
What is our story?

Everyone has a story, and goes through processes and the Indusparquet Group believes that this also applies to our products. Therefore, we follow the entire process, from the extraction of raw materials to the final product.

Sustainability is in our DNA and our sustainable practices and respect for the environment are widely exercised in our actions. This is why the Indusparquet Group launched the SUSTAINABLE JOURNEY, a traceability project that will lead the end customer to know the origin, from the extraction of the raw material, the managed forests and the stages of the production process of the product in which it is purchased.

Now you can follow the entire trajectory of the product, ensuring certainty about legal wood, acquired in a certified manner and with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Check Where Our Species Come From

橡木 Carvalho
Eucalyptus 桉木
巴西核桃木 Ipe
金色多脉白坚木Golden Peroba
红盾籽木 Peroba Mica
巴西橡木 Tauari
白橡木 White Carvalho
巴西杏木 Amendola
桑托斯红木 Cabreuva
南美核桃木 Freijo
巴西香脂木 Copaiba
巴西樱桃木 Jatoba
虎斑木 Muiracatiara (Tigerwood)
Guaiuvira 巴西山核桃木